What a difference a year makes

Being retired sometimes brings little joy. The need to organise the day is at odds with the general slowing down one’s pace.

Time seems more pliable but the elasticity is a trap. Rise at 7.00am stretches by half an hour, and then the day’s pattern is contorted. Meant to walk every morning for at least 40 minutes, but that leaves less time to read the current book. And so on. 

It’s good to have outside commitments. These bring a little order: Water aerobics at 5.00pm on Mondays: Gym and Tai Chi every Tuesday morning: Choir Tuesday evenings: Milk collection on Thursday: all bring some order to the general chaos.

I’ll not go into the oh so flexible time spent on emails, instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. And the time trying to understand the world by wide newsgathering!

But on the whole – isn’t life grand ! 😜 💕