Women in Tech

Just came across this.

Couldn’t help but post it. Please watch. (Confession: I really wanted to watch the whole so parked it here)


The digital world – my epiphany

The year was 1981. The time was a visit to family after 6 years in Australia. The place was my parent’s home in Smethwick,¬†England. The moment was finding my younger brother’s BBC Micro magazine.

With an interest born of known ignorance on the technology I turned the pages. A very peculiar feeling came over me as I looked at page after page of absolutely meaningless sentences and words Рa feeling that sent shivers and sparks through my entire body and brain; and with it an overwhelming determination to understand this. It was akin to knowing I must learn a foreign language but with few sources, dictionaries or glossaries, and meeting concepts outside my experience.

That year I came across a Sinclair ZX81 while visiting a friend. Her son was on the floor with this magic little box attached to the family TV. Simple coding with such amazing visual results.

And then my touchpaper was lit – my sister gave me a ZX81 as a birthday present!!!